Donovan B Yeates 2
Chief Executive Officer
KAER Biotherapeutics
Escondido California UNITED STATES
Donovan B. Yeates, CEO, founded KAER Biotherapeutics in 2008 to provide game-changing aerosol inhalation therapies for the treatment of respiratory ailments, especially those in critically ill patients. Dr. Yeates is an international authority in aerosol drug delivery and inventor of the SUPRAER aerosol generation and delivery technologies. Dr. Yeates was CEO of BioTechPlex Corporation. He was a Senior Research Career Scientist in the Department of Veterans Affairs and a Professor in the Departments of Bioengineering and Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He was a Section Chief in the Department of Medicine and Director of the university’s Occupation Health and Safety Center. Dr. Yeates is an emeritus professor with over 90 publications and 19 patents. He is a past president of the Chicago Thoracic Society and member of the board of directors of the Illinois Biotechnology Organization (IBIO). He has a Ph.D. in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto.
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