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CEO Co-founder
Kalos Therapeutics Inc
Phoenix Arizona UNITED STATES
Mr. Colberg is the CEO and Co-founder of Kalos Therapeutics. Mr. Colberg has developed the corporate philosophy of Kalos, identified and shaped the strategy behind the primary products, and the commercialization plan for Kalos. He has raised the seed round, series A, B rounds and grant financing totaling $3.55 million. Mr. Colberg recruited the executive team and scientific advisory board and oversees the clinical development plan. Mr. Colberg is a seasoned corporate finance and management executive. He was CEO of Primary Inc., a company where he pioneered the plan for acquisitions and the business model initiating early efforts in personalized medicine, electronic medical record meshed with patient data and billing and the advanced use of diagnostics. Prior to Primary Care services Inc. he was a Vice President at the Financial Group managing syndications and equity investment research while raising in excess of $100 million. In this capacity, Mr. Colberg was named Florida Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Price Waterhouse.