CEO & Co-Founder
Envisagenics, Inc.

Dr. Maria Luisa Pineda is the CEO and cofounder of Envisagenics, a NYC based biotech that combines high-throughput RNA sequencing with machine learning (ML) technologies to identify splicing-based biomarkers and splicing-correcting therapies. Envisagenics’ innovative SpliceCore® software platform analyzes up to 1,000 RNA-seq datasets per hour to identify therapeutic assets such as splicing-derived neoantigens, immune-oncology (IO) epitopes, and prognostic splicing errors. Our ML technology can illuminate the difference in splicing between responders and non-responders and can suggest splicing-modulatory drugs to increase drug reactivity. The SpliceCore algorithmic engine utilizes proprietary software developed and experimentally-validated in Dr. Adrian Krainer’s laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Under Dr. Pineda's leadership, Envisagenics has acquired over $1.5M in funding from the NIH SBIR program as well as over $3M in seed funding from Dolby Family Ventures, NY Empire State Development, and Third Kind Venture Capital. Envisagenics is a portfolio company of Breakout Labs, Peter Thiel’s foundation for breakthrough startups. Over the years Envisagenics has built strategic partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, which has provided funding for technology development and Azure cloud credits. Envisagenics was also the North American winner of the Innovate.AI challenge hosted by M12 and Madrona Venture Group and was a winner of the J&J AI for Drug Discovery QuickFire Challenge, which earned Envisagenics free desk space and one free bench for one year at the new JLAB@NYC incubator.

Dr. Pineda is a biologist with over 10 years of research experience. For her undergraduate studies, Maria was awarded an endowment of $2 million dollars from the Goizueta Foundation and an NIH fellowship with the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC U*STAR) program. Maria received her Ph.D. from the prestigious Watson School of Biological Sciences at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as an Arnold and Mabel Beckman graduate student and a William Randolph Hearst foundation scholar. After graduating, she acquired investment experience in technology and life-sciences startup companies at Canrock Ventures and Golden Seeds, LLC.