Founding Partner
Haiyin Capital
- Mr. Yuquan Wang is a respected mentor in the venture capital industry in China. He lectures frequently on tech market trends, and on Sina, Tencent and tech media within China. - As a leading venture capitalist in China, Yuquan has impacted and influenced many Chinese entrepreneurs and industrialist by promoting his model of “Modularized Innovation”. - With over 20 years of market analysis and consultation experience, Yuquan Wang has used “Modularized Innovation” to promote different aspects of the production and supply chain to focus and specialize in their key abilities. By practicing this model, different elements of a business such as R&D, supply chain management, and marketing can be further optimized, and used by innovative high-tech companies to access Chinese manufacturing; achieving high quality, volume production, in a relatively short amount of time. - Prior to Haiyin, Wang founded Consultech in 1995, which was acquired by Omnicom Group. In 1998, he founded Frost & Sullivan China and served as President.
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