TCRCure Biopharma
Los Angeles California UNITED STATES

Paul Bryson is the Director of Technology Development at TCRCure's Los Angeles facility. He joined TCRCure in 2017, when it began operations in California. Since then, he has led the LA R&D department in platform technology development and product discovery, in addition to playing key roles in TCRCure's manufacturing operations and IP strategy. Prior to TCRCure, Dr. Bryson pursued postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Pin Wang at USC. There he developed skills in T cell immunotherapy and made significant contributions to CAR-T design, delivery of gene therapy, and cancer vaccine discovery. Dr. Bryson earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University under the direction of Jeffrey Glenn. His dissertation work discovered novel drugs and revealed their mechanisms of action in targeting Hepatitis C Virus. He is also a graduate of the LA Biostart entrepreneurship program at Cal State LA.

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