Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Bioengineering
Georgescu is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania in its Department of Bioengineering. He was part of a team that partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on a tissue-on-a-chip investigation that recently launched to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. This first project will test engineered microphysiological systems (tissue-on-chip or organs-on-chips) that model the airway and bone marrow and then combine the models to emulate and understand the integrated immune responses of the human respiratory system in microgravity. Through the use of this system in microgravity, it is anticipated that a greater understanding of immune dysfunction will be uncovered. Infections are commonly reported onboard spacecraft, where the environment causes human immune dysfunction, though the mechanisms are not well understood. This is the first of two funded opportunities to leverage the ISS National Lab from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.
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