Program Manager, Biomedical Engineering Program
Michele Grimm is currently a program director at the National Science Foundation. The Biomechanics and Mechanobiology program funds cutting edge research related to the mechanical behavior and response of molecules, cells, tissues and organisms. She held a faculty appointment in biomedical engineering at Wayne State University in Detroit until January 1, 2019, when she joined the mechanical engineering faculty at Michigan State University. For the past 30 years, her research has focused on tissue biomechanics – characterizing the properties and understanding injury mechanism on tissues ranging from bone to brain and nerve. Her work has included both experimental and computational modeling to answer questions that have clinical and translational relevance. She is also an expert in biomedical engineering education and curriculum development. Michele received a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s degree and doctorate in biomedical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.
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