Chief Executive Officer
Prolifagen LLC
Villanova Pennsylvania UNITED STATES
Dr Claudine Bruck is a co-founder and CEO of Prolifagen, a Start-Up developing a microRNA- based drug for tissue regeneration, based on groundbreaking technology from University of Pennsylvania. She is also a Course Director at UPenn Medical School, and a Project Director at BioMotiv. She serves on the Board of Directors of Navidea and QR Pharma. Dr Bruck has a PhD in Biochemistry from University of Brussels. She was a post-doctoral student at Harvard University Medical School and an Assistant Professor at Tufts Medical School, before joining GlaxoSmithKline to build GSK’s HIV Vaccine Program. In her role in Vaccines, she was instrumental in the development of GSK’s HPV vaccine (Cervarix), and headed the early stages of their cancer vaccine program, before joining the drug discovery group of GSK in King of Prussia. She held different roles in that group, from Head of Clinical Immunology (2004-2006) to VP/Head of Biology for the Center of Excellence for External Drug Discovery (2006-2008),VP/Head of the Ophthalmology R&D group (2008-2015). Through her various roles in industry she has experience across different therapeutic areas, different treatment modalities (small molecules, biopharmaceuticals) and all stages of drug development, as well as with business aspects of drug development.