Chief Compliance Officer
Phoenix Arizona UNITED STATES
Dan Mahaffey is a Sr. Regulatory Professional that has worked in a variety of industries in a number of capacities from Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, and Supply Chain Management. He holds an MBA in Supply Chain Management and is pursuing a PhD in International Business. Dan started his career as a quality consultant for the agricultural industry. From there he worked through the automotive, aerospace, medical device, pharmaceutical and ulitmately biologics. It was his involvement in the biologics industry, Specifically with the Humabiologics founder Dr. Mohammad Albanna, that helped him identify a lack of human derived biomaterials available for research use on a large scale to facilitate translational research. After realizing Dr. Albanna had a proven method to develop biomaterials and high yield, and the access to the human material Dan has from his involvement in the Tissue Processing industry, Humabiologics was formed by Dr. Albanna to Empower Tomorrow's Innovations with supply stable, affordable and high purity biomaterials.