Consultant, Founder and Presenter
Dr Chris Smith, “The Naked Scientist”, is a consultant clinical virologist at the University of Cambridge. He is also the founder and presenter of The Naked Scientists, a radio and podcasting venture he launched in the year 2000 to make science fun and interesting for the general public. During his time on air, Chris has interviewed over 5000 scientists, proved that a chocolate teapot is not useless, discovered how fat you would have to be to stop a bullet with a beer belly, and measured the speed of a sneeze. Up to 1 million people per month visit the The Naked Scientists website, and the show is now one of the world's leading science programmes, broadcast nationally by the BBC in the UK and the ABC in Australia. The Naked Scientists was one of the first podcasts to exist and has notched up over 100 million programme downloads internationally. It is the only example, worldwide, of a radio show aired on national and international radio, produced from within a university department. Chris also launched and presented the first 100 episodes of the Nature Podcast for the journal Nature, and he also presents "The eLife Podcast" for the eLife open access journal. In South Africa, Chris appears every Friday morning on Talk Radio 702 and 567 CapeTalk answering questions about science. Chris has published 4 popular science books, and won over 20 academic prizes and 10 awards for communicating science, including the Royal Society's 2008 Kohn Medal.
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