Partner, Life Sciences USA
ALTEN Calsoft Labs
Santa Clara California UNITED STATES
Nick Spring is an experienced, energetic entrepreneur with a love and passion for global innovation, development, and management in all aspects of the Life Sciences. Nick’s experience spans both human and animal health – pharma, vaccines, biotech, med devices and digital/electroceuticals. He has an academic background in life sciences and business. He started his career as a trainee at Scott paper, after that he joined the British consumer and pharmaceutical company, Smith and Nephew, where he led both consumer and prescription brands related to dermatology and wound dressing. He then joined Merck & Co and was one of the founding managers who took the ivermectin family of endectocides forward to become the first billion-dollar global franchise in Animal Health. Nick then led the worldwide franchise for live viral human vaccines at Merck (such as MMR) and implemented Merck’s first transactional website, Merckvaccines.com. In addition, he led a strategic team who crafted a launch plan for Gardasil (HPV vaccine) in the USA. On leaving Merck in 2004, Nick set up his first company Topaz Pharmaceuticals Inc., which repurposed ivermectin for use in humans as a safe, topical control for head lice. He raised tens of millions in private investment. The company went from concept to FDA approval and an exit in seven years when Sanofi bought it. He then formed his own consultancy, Humanitas, where he consulted at the highest level with blue chip companies and leading industry non-profits in the Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, DC East Coast corridor as well as California. In 2014 Nick became the President and CEO of Reliefband Technologies where he restructured the company, subsequently raising significant private funding. He led the development and commercial introduction of a new, FDA cleared neuromodulation prescription and consumer device, Reliefband 2.0, that controls nausea associated with chemotherapy, post-operative sickness, motion sickness and all stages of pregnancy. Currently Nick is a Partner at Alten Calsoft Labs - Life Sciences, USA. In this role he leads an initiative to capitalize on the inherent strengths of blockchain based technologies in many aspects for the future of the Life Sciences including regulatory protocols, marketing, clinical studies, supply chain, personalized medicine and patient centric healthcare. In addition Nick has authored a number of patents, is also an adjunct Professor at the University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, has been active with the University City Science Center QED program. Nick is a keen SCUBA diver and pet owner!
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