Founder & CEO
Zea BioSciences
Walpole Massachusetts UNITED STATES
James Wilson (Jim) has over 20 years of experience with entrepreneurial and start-up ventures focusing on technology, real estate and industrial operations. He has built his reputation by scaling technology processes and driving down costs. From 2003-2010, Jim was the founder and Managing Partner of Pine Street Investment Company, a real estate investment company. Prior to founding Zea, Jim founded AquaHarvest Technologies (now Fresh Box Farms/Crop One Holdings) and led the company through the commercialization phase. Jim received a bachelor’s degree in economics and industrial management from Carnegie Mellon University. Mr. Wilson also served as a US Naval pilot for four years. He authored 13 pending patents related to varying plant, system and process areas along with three different national grants for USDA, DOE and National Science Foundation. His volunteer work includes mentoring at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and various charitable organizations in the Boston a