Sydney Sydney AUSTRALIA
Sarah is a mechatronic engineer, founder and CEO of Baymatob™. She started working in the obstetric technology space after the traumatic birth of her second child, Oliver. During the process of Oliver’s birth Sarah was attached to industry standard CTG monitoring. Not only did Sarah find the CTG cumbersome, restrictive and highly invasive on her birthing process, it was clear the physiological signs it reported did not aid clinicians in understanding what was happening during Oliver’s birth. Determined to improve the technology available for obstetric monitoring, Sarah embarked on a PhD focused on understanding the normal progression of labor. Sarah’s PhD research was awarded the Dr Albert S McKern Research Scholarship and resulted in the development of Oli™, an innovative non-invasive device to monitor pregnancy and labor progression. Sarah is CEO of Baymatob™ and has successfully led the company to obtain $1.75M(AUD) non-dilutive funds, a range of awards, and progressed development