President and COO
Frameshift Genomics
Boston Massachusetts UNITED STATES
Dr Alistair Ward graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2000 with a Masters of Science. After a few years in UK government research, he got a PhD in physics from Boston College, before becoming a post-doc, then research assistant professor in the lab of Prof. Gabor Marth. He worked on the 1000 Genomes project and a number of algorithmic tools for the detection of both short and long genetic variants. He was involved in the early development of bioinformatic pipelines in collaboration with the NCBI and the University of Michigan. He now takes a lead role in developing interactive tools to support researchers and clinicians in analyzing and understanding genomic data, including in the NIH UDN. Alistair was an instructor at the University of Michigan Sequence analysis workshops, has taught for many years at the Advanced Sequencing Technologies course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, and has presented at a number of different conferences.