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Associate Vice President of Research Partnerships
Foundation for the National Institutes of Health
Bethesda Maryland UNITED STATES
Joseph Menetski received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University Medical School with Dr. Stephen Kowalczykowski and completed his post-doctoral training at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, National Institutes of Health (NIH/NIDDK) with Dr. Martin Gellert. He then started his career in industry in 1993 in the Immunopathology Department at Parke-Davis (later Pfizer), where he established a discovery research program in cellular inflammation that eventually transitioned to the molecular study of osteoarthritis. Joseph moved to Merck in 2004. His first position was in the department of Immunology where he was involved in the osteoarthritis new targets and biomarker program. While at Merck he had been a member of the Molecular Profiling group, the Knowledge Discovery and Knowledge Management group and finally a Director in Global Competitive Intelligence. In 2016, Dr. Menetski joined the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (fNIH) and serves at the Associate Vice President of Research Partnerships. Over the years, he has been a key contributor to many basic research and clinical programs in the areas of arthritis, sarcopenia, osteoporosis and asthma. He has served as a core research team member on several external basic research projects for identification of new targets and molecular biomarkers. His industry research and development experiences include target identification, compound selection, translational biomarker identification, clinical study design and analysis, and external scientific collaborations. In the commercial space, he has been intimately involved in opportunity and asset identification and qualification, and in assessing the competitive landscape of disease areas that he is supporting. During this time, he has been recognized by multiple research and development awards for his contributions.