Sacramento California UNITED STATES
Kat Kuzmeskas is the President and CEO of SimplyVital Health. Her mission is to harness blockchain, the digital ledger technology at the heart of Bitcoin, to combat inefficiencies in ­medical record-keeping and payment systems. As a former administrator at Yale New Haven Hospital, Kat needed the platform she now sells but could not find it, so she built SimplyVital Health. This platform quickly validated the hypothesis that adoption of their visionary blockchain applications requires a "healthcare-grade" blockchain protocol - so they are building it. This protocol, Health Nexus, is a blockchain protocol safely adoptable by healthcare with many applications and new revenue streams for healthcare companies and providers. Kat is combining her experience with Teach For America, Masters in Public Health, and clinical strategic and analytic work to grow and scale SimplyVital Health. In April 2017, 2 months after incorporating SimplyVital, Kat was identified by Fortune Magazine among 34 Leaders Changing Health Care with the likes of Kaiser's CEO and Bill and Melinda Gates.
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