Applied StemCell
Milpitas California UNITED STATES
Dr. Ruby Yanru Chen-Tsai, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Applied StemCell, Inc. Dr. Chen-Tsai received her PhD from Cornell University and did her post-doc research at Stanford University. She has been working with genetic cell and animal models for over 20 years. Prior to joining ASC, Dr. Chen-Tsai worked at Stanford University for 16 years as the Director of Transgenic Research Center and Associate Director of the Stanford Cancer Institute, overseeing nine research technology labs. Her research at Stanford focused on genome engineering of Parkinson patient-specific iPS cell lines and their differentiation to dopaminergic neurons. She is a co-inventor of the TARGATTâ„¢ integrase technology for site-specific gene insertion. Dr. Chen-Tsai is an author of many scientific papers and holder of several patents. Dr. Chen-Tsai is currently leading Applied StemCell's therapeutic pipeline with a strong focus on monogenic blood disorders.