Omega Funds
Boston Massachusetts UNITED STATES
Paulina joined Omega Funds in 2019. Prior to joining Omega, Paulina was on the healthcare team at Polaris Partners since 2012. Paulina currently serves on the boards of Neuronetics (NASDAQ: STIM) and Keratin Biosciences. Paulina previously served on the boards of Kala Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: KALA), Lyra Pharmaceuticals, Faraday Pharmaceuticals, Arsenal Medical and CAMP4 Therapeutics. Paulina was the founding CEO of CAMP4 Therapeutics. Paulina completed her postdoctoral fellowship in Robert Langer’s lab in the Chemical Engineering department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Paulina was the founding president of the MIT Postdoctoral Association and served on the MIT Intellectual Property Presidential Committee. Paulina completed her PhD in Molecular Medicine from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine and graduated magna cum laude from East Carolina University with a quadruple major in biochemistry, neuroscience, biology and chemistry.
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