Drystill Technologies
Mississauga Ontario CANADA
Ian McGregor P. Eng. Is a Professional Engineer with 40 years’ experience in the chemical processing industry. His career has been centred around distillation: he has designed, built, operated, and modified many different types of distillation equipment. He has also invented several novel types of stills: a hot sand still (US patent 4,708,775 ), a hybrid membrane still (US patent 6,306,307), and a low energy, low temperature still (US Patent 8,608,841). In 2006 he co-founded Drystill Technologies to market advanced separation technology to the Biofuels industry. In that connection he has visited many leading players in the biofuels industry and spoken at many biofuel conventions. In 2007 he co-founded Drystill Technologies as a vehicle to market his novel separation technology. Although it can be applied in many industries, Drystill chose the biofuel field as its marketing beachhead. Drystill offers a low energy alternative to conventional distillation that features room temperature operation. For the Biofuel industry this is much more than an energy saving device. Drystill believes it to be the long-sought enabler of commercial scale CARAF; concurrent alcohol removal and distillation. Well studied and documented in laboratory settings, CARAF improves the performance of biocatalysts by alleviating product inhibition. It has never been implemented at plant scale because conventional distillation is a hot process that kills the bugs. A study at Lambton College in Sarnia, funded by the Government of Canada, is using scalable Drystill equipment to prove the concept. Test results are expected in December 2018.
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