Senior Fellow Health Care Management. Lecturer - Entrepreneurship
Wharton School of Business
Philadelphia Pennsylvania UNITED STATES
Steve has founded, managed or financed over 40 companies in life sciences and IT globally. He recently founded Pangea University for the Health Sciences, an international platform for medical, nursing and health technology education for the emerging and frontier markets. Steve is Senior Fellow, Health Care Management and Lecturer, Entrepreneurship at the Wharton School. During his 24 years teaching at Wharton and other business schools, he has created over a dozen courses that he has taught to nearly 11,000 students. His research focuses on international development and health care and biotechnology capacity development in emerging economies, as well as business model innovation in biotechnology. He has published articles in Nature Biotechnology, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology and has authored numerous book chapters on health care and biotechnology. Steve puts the findings of his research into practice through the International Institute for Biotechnology Entrepreneurship, an organization which he founded and manages, that has offered over 50 intensive training programs in 14 countries to over 2000 entrepreneurs.