Scientific communication, medical animation, VR and interactive media for the Healthcare sector.

 - Helping healthcare companies to visualize and disseminate their projects in an impactful and innovative way.


Business manager 
3DforScience is a Scientific communication and medical animation company for Bio & Health sector focused on helping pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare companies in marketing campaigns through 3D animations, illustrations, websites, Virtual Reality and interactive production to enhance the clients’ communications.ons.

3DforScience covers the company's needs to transmit their research and to put in value their R&D investment, spreading in an effective way towards the target market, general audience, professionals colleagues, clients or institutions. 3DforScience assure high-quality standards that guarantee the technical and scientific rigor of the delivered projects. - 

As a business manager, I am in charge of: 

• Identifying potential deals by analyzing market niches and different industries and channels. 

• Negotiating deals and plans by providing advice on marketing strategies, carrying out markets research and consultancy. Closing new business deals, elaborating and negotiating budgets and contracts. 

• Planning and supervising projects, leading and coordinating meetings and practical aspects in order to meet scheduled deliveries.

• Developing deep relationships with cross-functional partners to align common goals to get wider solutions for customers, providing bigger added value

• Assuring scientists and creative colleagues match their goals in order to accomplish the project's processes and targets

• Ensuring liaison and customer satisfaction before, during and after projects delivery.

• Creating additional online value and monitoring corporative awareness on social and professional networks.