Founder, Chairman and CEO
Hangzhou, Zhejiang CHINA
Prior to founding Ascletis, Dr. Wu was Vice President at GSK in the United States in charge of HIV drug discovery. He has more than 17 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development. Under his leadership, Ascletis has successfully developed and commercialized Ganovo, the first innovative domestic Hepatitis C drug and established an extensive innovative pipeline in HIV, cancer, NASH, Hepatitis B and other liver diseases. In August 2018, Ascletis became the first biotech company to successfully list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Biotech chapter and raised US$400m in proceeds. Ascletis has been awarded multiple times in antiviral drug R&D by China’s National Science and Technology Major Project for “Innovative Drug Development” and selected by the State Health Commission as the lead for innovative Hepatitis C drug development. Dr Wu obtained his Ph.D. in cancer biology from University of Arizona and is a member of China’s National “Thousand Talent Program”.
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