Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives
Cambridge Massachusetts UNITED STATES
Rich Soll Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives, WuXi AppTec. Rich has advanced more than 40 integrated programs across major target classes and therapeutic indications from hits to lead optimization campaigns, giving rise to clinical candidates including those designated by the FDA as breakthrough therapies. Previously, Rich was CSO and VP of R&D at TargeGen where he led innovative clinical-stage R&D programs including a highly selective JAK2 inhibitor fedratinib (SAR302503; TG101348) for the treatment of myeloproliferative disorders, leading to the acquisition of TargeGen by Sanofi. Before TargeGen, Rich founded the chemistry department at 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals as VP of Chemistry and spent 10 years at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Rich has been an SAB member to biotechs, advisor to entrepreneurs, and has produced more than 100 patents and papers.
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