Madison Wisconsin UNITED STATES
Ankit Agarwal, PhD is founder CEO of Imbed Biosciences Inc., a venture capital backed developing stage tissue-engineering company commercializing advanced therapies for soft-tissue repair and regeneration. Agarwal has led Imbed Bio to FDA clearance of its patented microscale surgical matrix that combats local pain and infection in surgical wounds, funded by >$7M from private equity investments and federal grants. Matrix is based on technology Agarwal invented during his post-doctoral research. His breakthrough research on drug delivery, gene therapy, and tissue engineering has attracted strong international attention in biotech community and has impacted the development of new therapies. Agarwal is a ‘Kauffman Post-doctoral Entrepreneurial Fellow’ where he trained on how to start scalable biotech companies. He has B. Tech. in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Iowa State University, and post-doctoral training from University of Wisconsin-Madison.