Company Overview
Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises - ABLE is a not-for-profit pan-India forum that represents the Indian Biotechnology Sector. It was launched in April 2003, after industry leaders felt a need to form an exclusive forum to represent the Indian Biotechnology Sector. ABLE is a founding member of the International Council of Biotechnology Association (ICBA).
ABLE has approx. 400 members representing all verticals of the sector like agribiotech, bio-pharma, industrial biotech, bioinformatics, investment banks, Venture Capital firms, leading research and academic institutes, law firms, equipment suppliers and students.
The primary focus of ABLE is to help accelerate the growth of the Biotechnology sector in India to attain 100 billion USD by 2025, through partnering with the Central and State Governments in their biotechnology initiatives to deliver optimal policies and create a positive regulatory environment, encouraging entrepreneurship and investment, providing a platform for domestic and overseas companies to explore collaboration and partnerships, forging stronger links between academia and industry and by showcasing the strengths of the Indian biotech sector.
ABLE thus catalyses a symbiotic interface between the industry, the government, academic and research institutes and the domestic and international investors.
ABLE's objective is to work in consensus with all stake-holders, towards ensuring an effective, enabling and supportive environment for the Indian biotechnology sector to substantially contribute to India's economic and social growth by providing access to affordable healthcare, food and clean and sustainable energy.
ABLE uses a multi-pronged strategy to deliver its objectives that include:
Advocacy: To create optimal policies and clear and positive regulatory landscape to foster innovation and R&D driven growth that capitalizes on the inherent strengths and potential of India’s emerging bio economy.
Promoting Entrepreneurship Development: ABLE's mandate is to foster entrepreneurship to build next generation biotechnology entrepreneurs who will participate and contribute to the growth of the Indian economy.
Establishing Industry - Academia Linkages: ABLE facilitates strong industry - academia interactions to explore opportunities for collaborative research and technology transfer as well as human resource development through various platforms of engagement.
Showcasing India's Strengths in Biotechnology: ABLE aims to showcase the strengths of Indian biotechnology ecosystem nationally and internationally through participation in conferences and trade fairs as well as through articles in various publications.
Creating Linkages & Enabling Partnerships: ABLE helps visiting biotech trade delegations from across the world to connect with Indian biotech firms and organizations, as well as organizes conferences and seminars facilitating proactive collaborations and networking.