Company Overview
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Biotech is booming and succeeding in this hypercompetitive arena means moving forward imaginatively, expeditiously while remaining cognizant of the undercurrent of advances in multiple technologies. Winners all share the ability to innovate and develop strategic partnerships that drive success.

At the forefront of process improvement and efficiency is Hodei’s next-best-thing-to-being-there telepresence technology ( The GEMINI and IKASI programs provide live, on-demand, HIPAA-compliant audio-visual medical telepresence oversight and training between multiple on- and off-site staff, investigators, or clients, all in real time.

Trusted by medical professionals globally, Hodei redefines live clinical training and direct project guidance; fast-tracks assignments; and significantly reduces travel expenditures. Visualizing how your projects will benefit from this state-of-the-art solution platform will only take a few moments during Bio2019, so be sure to stop by or make a booth appointment now for a private demonstration.

Clinvet USA, is a solution-innovating CRO that has navigated leading human and animal health companies through complex, multinational research and development programs, resulting in successful, even blockbuster, commercialization opportunities (

Facilitating clients’ advances from inception and POC to clinical trial and commercialization is just one of the reasons Clinvet was named Best CRO by Animal Pharm.

The human biotech and investment communities have only recently noticed the animal health sector and, more specifically, the steadily expanding pet health segment. There are untapped technologies, products and devices within human health/biotech that have immediate translational potential from the human to animal industry. Animal health faces fewer regulatory hurdles while enjoying a rapid to-market timeline and direct pay.

Regardless of your direction (diagnostic, device, drug, industrial, agriculture, research, or service) or role (academia, non-profit, angel investor, VC/PE, hedge fund, or investment), Bio2019 offers the perfect opportunity to discuss how Hodei and Clinvet stand ready to be your dedicated development partners and accelerate the growth of your technology.