Company Overview
Zymo Research offers a variety of patented, premium-quality technologies for sample preservation and nucleic acid extraction as well as industry-leading tools for epigenetic, microbiomic, and NGS-based applications. With over 25 years of experience, those at Zymo have provided top-tier innovation, quality and customer service in meeting the needs of its partners and collaborators in the life sciences.

Key Technologies:

 Sample Collection/Preservation: Critical to the robustness, accuracy and reproducibility of any genetic or expression-based workflow or diagnostic is the integrity of the DNA and RNA in the sample being analyzed. Zymo offers unique technologies that preserve the integrity of nucleic acids for prolonged periods of time in collected samples (saliva, urine, blood, feces, and more) at ambient temperature without the need for cold-chain shipping. Samples are ready for analysis as if they had just been freshly collected.

 Nucleic Acid Purification: The technologies for DNA and/or RNA isolation and purification have been developed with the requirements of today’s applications in mind. Both spin column and magnetic bead formats are available to accommodate ultra-pure nucleic acid isolation (free of enzymatic inhibitors) from any sample type including cell-free sources that include plasma and urine as well as complex samples like feces, soil, water, and sludge. The technologies can accommodate single cell nucleic isolation. All magnetic bead workflows are ideal for high-throughput processing and scripts are available for most of the major open-source liquid handling platforms including Hamilton, Tecan, KingFisher, and more.

 Microbiomic Products & Services: Predicated on the only standardized, commercially available NGS pipeline for microbiomic analysis, Zymo provides key technologies and services that facilitate accurate, non-biased targeted and shotgun-based sequencing approaches for microbial analysis. Zymo can provide its partners customized service solutions at any step in the workflow that are amenable to just about microbiomic application.

 Epigenetic Products & Services: Zymo Research is at the forefront of this highly evolving and promising area of research with its specialized products and services for DNA methylation/hydroxymethylation and RNA analysis. Award-winning technologies (bisulfite) for DNA methylation analysis as well as antibodies, enzymes, and products for miRNA, ncRNA, and histone analysis round out the epigenetic portfolio of products.

 Synthetic Biology: Zymo Research provides innovative products for yeast and E. coli-based research including tools to facilitate rapid and high-throughput screening workflows.

Zymo Research is Forward Thinking, Flexible company guided by Science and Strategy. We can offer products and services including OEM-style and Custom supply tailored to the needs of our partners.