Company Overview
DIPLOMICS is an initiative of the South African Department of Sciences and Technology (DST) with the vision of helping to make South Africa a leading player in ‘Omics’-based translational research and bio-economic development. It is part of the Department’s long-term SARIR (South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap) program. Omics refers to the collective technologies used to explore the roles, relationships, and actions of the various types of molecules that make up the cells of an organism.

DIPLOMICS is a network of 14 labs based in Universities, Science Councils, or private enterprises that specialize in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics, with a focus on service provision.

Through DIPLOMICS, the DST aims to convert the wealth contained in (South) Africa’s biological systems (human, plant, animal, other) into local value through stimulating and enabling high-performance omics-based innovation. DIPLOMICS aims to achieve this by building a high-quality, output-driven, customer-centric, cost-effective research infrastructure that maximizes returns gained from investments into omics capacity in South Africa.