Company Overview
Acumen Analytics Inc., based in Philadelphia, PA is an information management and analytics consulting firm focused on helping clients leverage their data, technology and organizational assets to create strategies and deliver solutions that drive business outcome.
Acumen Analytics develops solutions that help companies make decisions based on data driven certainty. With a focus on quality and efficiency, these solutions enhance performance, increase customer satisfaction and improve engagement and retention. Solutions include information management strategy, data management and architecture, business intelligence and advanced analytics that measure performance, identify opportunities, and forecast the future efficiently and more cost effectively.

Recognized as an innovator in analytics consulting, Acumen Analytics’ team members have a depth and breadth of expertise in high risk and highly regulated industries including healthcare, life science and manufacturing. Their capabilities also span across many industries and business functions. Leveraging decades of industry experience, Acumen Analytics helps organizations combine information technology and innovation with the right people, process and tools. Taking analytics to the next level, our experts create a variety of complex, embedded analytics solutions which include forward looking technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. These solutions augment internal applications or complete go-to-market strategies for many healthcare and life science companies. Several of these solutions have resulted in successful acquisition by a well-known fortune 500 firms.

Knowing that quality creates value and drives ROI by optimizing critical processes, streamlining mission critical functions through automation and transforming data into actionable insights is critical to drive excellence in quality, Acumen Analytics has created Optimal Insights™. A proprietary, advanced reporting and analytics software as a service (SaaS) solution, cloud based and securely integrated with ETQ Reliance to help you conquer your data and accelerate decision making.

Ready to work out of the box with pre-built visualizations, Optimal Insights™ is scalable, highly available and fault tolerant ensuring consistency, predictability, and integrity all with a rapid deployment. Pre-configured, highly interactive visualizations deliver relevant metrics and KPIs. Easy access to data reduces or even eliminates labor intensive Excel extracts, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Securely report on Audit Trail data filtered to a specific field or set of fields. The Optimized Data Access option allows you to find and analyze your data easily, using terminology you know. Leverage your own analytics tools like Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, R, Python, Jupyter, Minitab, SAS and even Excel.