Company Overview
KSL Biomedical Inc. (“KSL”) was founded to utilize translational medicine pipelines to deliver innovativediagnostics and therapeutics. KSL invests in basic research and in-licensing of novel technologies to improve patient outcomes, particularly in cases requiring early diagnosis or companion diagnostics to facilitate effective therapy.
In October 2017, KSL incorporated a business unit in China, supporting clinical
studies, design and development, production and technology consulting.
As a channel for diagnostic services, KSL has established a New York State Department of Health / CLIA certified clinical laboratory, KSL Diagnostics, Inc. The initial test menu includes genomics applications for oncology and prenatal screening. The scope of testing will quickly be extended to include immunology, pathology, immunogenetics and other categories. KSL is utiizing these test categories for clinical studies in support of its own diagnostics and therapeutics
in development as well as regulatory approvals of client diagnostic applications in the US and rest of world.