Company Overview
Simpson Biotech Co., Ltd. (SBC), a private Co. founded in 1998, located in Taiwan is focusing on:
(I). Medicinal fungus fermentation & enzymatically hydrolyzed bioactive natural ingredients used for dietary supplements & drug discovery.
(II). OEM/ODM services for Recombinant Proteins (i.e. Industrial Enzymes), using a patented starch-binding protein as the affinity tag.
New products launched in 2019:
1. Potent anti-yeast & anti-bacteria soluble chitosan for food/drug & agriculture applications;
2. World's first high purity (chitobiose+chitotriose > 90%) oligo chitosan for weight, diabetes and triglyceride control;
3. Hydrolyzed Fucoidan for immune & glucose control.

SBC has won numerous awards with 52 patents issued.

【Natural Anti-Yeast & Anti-bacteria water soluble chitosan】
 Tropical/Dental Mouthwash & toothpaste Antimicrobial,
 Textiles/ non-woven fabrics, maxi pad, mask
 Medical devices sanitation, CIP
 Poultry/Dairy industry
 Food & agricultural application
 Water management, aquaculture

【SIMP002 – Oral Drug development for NAFLD/NASH】
 Reduce liver triglyceride and cholesterol in NAFLD
 Reduce serum triglyceride and cholesterol in NAFLD
 Reduce liver fat deposition in NAFLD
 Reduce ALT and AST in NAFLD
 Anti-inflammation and oxidative stress
 Anti-fibrosis

【Diabetes control dietary supplement】
 High purity, ultra-low molecular weight oligo-chitosan (COS-600) not only reduces blood glucose in type II diabetic mouse but also reduces body weight and triglyceride in liver/serum
 Hydrolyzed Fucoidan reduces fasting glucose and increases glucose tolerance in type 1 diabetic mice. Hydrolyzed Fucoidan greatly inhibits the α-amylase and α-glucosidase activity which stabilizes the blood glucose level after meals.

【Hepasim(R)-Anti-inflammatory & Fibrosis & Liver regeneration compounds】
Hepasim® represents several potent (at few nM level; US Pat. 7109232; 7732482; 7763723; 8101792; 8648113) anti-inflammation & liver regeneration compounds isolated from a dietary supplement mushroom mycelia called Antrodia cinnamomea; (or A. camphorata ACM). Hepasim® also has anti-HCV (NS3/4A protease inhibitor; PCT 2009/094807) activities. The high Hepasim® content (>12%) of Simpson Biotech's currently marketed dietary supplement actually illustrates both the safety and the effectiveness of the mycelia and the compound of Hepasim® through human clinical studies. One clinical study for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) has been completed. Initial results from the clinical study plus the previous metabolic/pharmacokinetic animal studies on these compounds already illustrate that Hepasim® is a promising NCE drug candidate.

【Fermented natural products for dietary supplement】
 Alcoholic Hangover Release : Antrodia cinnamomea mycelia
 Neuroprotective & Memory Enhancement : Ginsenoside compound Kn
 Immune Regulation : Cordyceps sinensis mycelia, Hydrolyzed Fucoidan
 Male Hormone (Testosterone) Stimulant : Cordyceps sinensis mycelia
 Heart Protection : Agaricus blazei murill
 Increase Stamina : low molecular weight functional peptides from casein, whey, soy, collagen, silk
 OEM/ODM Fermentation : Cordyceps sinensis, Phellinus linteus, Ganoderma lucidum, Agaricus blazei murill and other mycelia and their extracts
 Fermented Vegetables & Grains Concentrate as prebiotics
 Cosmetics for skin whitening & anti-scar : Antrodia cinnamomea extract

【Immune booster for IFN-γ stimulation as anti-viral and antibiotic alternative feed additive】
LZ-8 is a fungal immunomodulatory protein originally isolated from the popular oriental medicinal fungus. Oral administration of rLZ-8 stimulates IFN-γ secretion. It is not only a good dietary supplement for humans but also an antibiotic alternative for animal additives for the prevention of virus or coccidia infection in field studies. Possible pharmaceutical applications per oral include immune-regulatory diseases.
 IFN-γ Stimulant
 Anti-viral
 Antibiotic alternative
 Anti-coccidia
 Increase feed efficiency
 US, TW patent granted (US9950028, I589586) CN pending

【Recombinant Protein Expression/Purification Platform (HERPEPSTM) and Products】
HERPEPSTM - the ultimate cost-effective protein expression/purification platform: Patented (US Pat. 7759089; 7662918;7785872; 7851215;8551695) Starch-Binding Proteins (SBP) is used as an affinity-tag to purify recombinant protein as the tag is removed later by an inexpensive SBP-tagged endoprotease to produce a clean-cut native protein.
 Extremely low production cost (  Clean-cut (tag-free) proteins by patented SBP-tagged endoprotease
 Disposable starch columns/resins – reduce possible contamination and labor.
 High recovery rate with high adsorption/detaching efficiency.
 Successful expression in many hosts, including E. coli, P. pastoris, S. cerevisiae, insect cells and mammalian cells.
 Industrial enzymes: phytase, xylanase, lipases, proteases
 Protein G resin