Company Overview
Serving medical and pharmaceutical industries
Promoting technology consolidation toward industry upgrade

In order to strengthen the medical and pharmaceutical industry to meet the need for short-, medium-, and long-term development, to elevate the overall industrial performance, and to achieve globalization, the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center (PDC) was established by the government to execute the resolution of the 4th National Science and Technology Conference in 1991.

Departmental Missions and Positioning Statements
Exploring innovative research and development. Assisting to promote national medical and pharmaceutical policies. Leading the domestic industries into international market.

In an attempt to meet the demands of pharmaceutical and medical device industries, PITDC offers a wide range of services including technology development of pharmaceuticals, regulatory and legal consultations on research and development of Chinese herbal medicine, medical devices, functional food and cosmetics, preparation for pharmaceutical and medical device registrations, etc. To achieve this mission, PITDC has formed the following various R&D-oriented and service-oriented Departments

Department of Botanicals
This Department aims to study the active components of plant origins for botanical medicine search and development. We intend to set up a nature products depository and reference lab in order to service the herbal medicine industry in Asia

Department of Pharmaceuticals
The mission of this Department is to establish advanced drug delivery technologies as the core competence for the "customized" formulation requested by pharmaceutical industry. This Department also assists pharmaceutical companies to adopt the PIC/S GMP Guide and to strengthen their international competitiveness.

Department of Medical Device
The mission of this Department is to develop combination products as core technology, which incorporates biological and pharmacological mechanisms into the device for maximal effectiveness. The Department also provides service including pre-market regulatory consultation pre-clinical validation, clinical trial and offers assistance to build quality management system for local device industry.

Department of Industrial Services
This Department provides services to the industry including GMP consulting, regulatory consultations, and various pharmaceutical professional training programs. This Department also assists in promoting and executing national pharmaceutical policies.