Company Overview
Gador is a leading Argentine pharmaceutical company. For the last 79 years, its mission has been to investigate, develop, manufacture and deliver the best quality medicines for every patient at affordable prices. Gador continuously invests in product technology and quality control, according to international standards and maintains a large updated portfolio of pharmaceutical products. Our company is currently focused on biopharmaceutics as a source of innovation and generation of new therapeutic resources for its territory, which is expanded throughout Latin America. Gador has a long standing experience in the commercialization of special products, either own products or licenses from world renowned companies, such as Gilead Sciences Ltd, Astellas Pharma, among others. Gador has undertaken an ambitious program in the field of biopharmaceutical products, which involves licenses of new products approved or at their last clinical development stage, commercialization of new generation biosimilars, development of biosimilar products and development of new biopharmaceuticals/vaccines for their commercialization in our territories. In addition, Gador is focused on the development of new preventive and therapeutic options for Neglected Diseases (NDs) such as Chagas disease, of which over 7 million people are estimated to be infected.