Company Overview
The Council of Agriculture officially established the Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) in 2014 with the aim of turning agricultural innovation into entrepreneurship through technology business incubation. ATRI is a platform to connect the research institutes and industrial companies, in order to create a niche for farmers, companies, and value stakeholders, as well as promoting agriculture transformation and globalization.
There are 3 research institutes and 2 centers in ATRI: Animal Technology Laboratories, Plant Technology Laboratories, Aquatic Technology Laboratories, Industrial Development Center and Agricultural Policy Research Center.
The staff of 129 included 41 PhDs, 60 masters and 28 others with a bachelor degree or lower. Our staffs are all selected elites, and through interdisciplinary coordination, multidimensional thinking, and deductive arguments, the institute embodies the concept of multiple applications and industrial innovation for the transformation of Taiwan’s agriculture into a sustainable structure. It is informed by advanced research outcomes and employs a knowledge convergence platform and information hub. The mission of turning agricultural techno-innovation into techno-entrepreneurship with international compatibilities shall comply with the new agricultural policy and highlight Taiwan’s agriculture in the global market.