Company Overview
APrevent Medical Inc. has offices in Taiwan (AspirEx Medical Ltd.) and Austria (APrevent Biotech GmbH). APrevent Biotech GmbH is ISO 13485 certified for design, manufacturing, and distribution of medical devices. Our core mission is to develop innovative medical products for unmet clinical needs.

APrevent's products improve voice and communication, focusing on the development of a long-term implant system and speech conversion platform for patients with glottis insufficiency and dysarthria. We are dedicated to providing minimally invasive and innovative ENT implant and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies for voice & speech disorders, which are patient-orientated, physician friendly and improve the quality of lives around the world.

APrevent has a diverse team of clinically experienced physicians, bio-mechanical and software engineers, and researchers with deep industry expertise committed to creating vocal identities. Our developments are well IP protected, we also cooperate with international key opinion leaders. These make APrevent's product enter the market as soon as possible and create maximum market value.

Vocal Implant System (VOIS)
An innovative adjustable implant to treat glottic insufficiency and prevent aspiration pneumonia. VOIS is now the smallest adjustable patient-specific implant to treat glottic insufficiency/unilateral vocal fold paralysis, VOIS can fine-tuning to achieve optimal outcomes and restore voice-specific spectrum profile. The total addressable market is $ 4.1B USD.

Aprevent® Intelligible Speak (AiSpeak)
AiSpeak is an artificial intelligible dysarthric speech conversion platform, it helps people who suffer from dysarthria including stroke, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease and brain tumor patients to communicate and operate devices by voice. The potential market is $ 9B USD.
In order to increase the database, we are collecting voice from different types of patients. We now cooperate with several medical institutions in Taiwan and Cleveland clinic in the US to develop Chinese and English dysarthria speech conversion platform.
To speed up the development, we cooperate with academic institutions in Taiwan. Acknowledgments: we special thank National Chung Cheng University National Yang-Ming University.

Taiwan FDA Product Registration and Marketing Strategy Service
APrevent provides medical device in-country representative and registration service and medical device market channel planning to accelerate imported product launching to market.