Company Overview
At CSIRO we collaborate to innovate. Each year we work with over 150 international partners to turn our science into global solutions.

We are Australia's national science agency and one of the largest multidisciplinary organisations in the world. With more than 5,000 experts at 59 locations across Australia, Chile, France, Singapore, Indonesia and the USA, we are a strong force turning science into solutions that benefit Australians and the global community.

CSIRO has a long history of collaborating internationally. Our partnerships with international universities and research institutes link us to the 97 per cent of research that happens outside of Australia. In 2017, 84 per cent of our publications were in collaboration with authors from international institutions. Our science supports Australian foreign policy and trade agendas, including poverty alleviation and improving market access for Australian exporters and trading partners.

Our strategic pillars

Customer first
Creating deep innovation relationships with our customers and prioritising the highest value investments

Excellent science
Creating breakthrough technology and knowledge, being a trusted advisor for Australia

Breakthrough innovation
Increasing our capacity to help reinvent existing industries and creating new industries for Australia and delivering public good

Global engagement, national benefit
Delivering connectivity to the global science, technology and innovation frontier as well as accessing new markets for Australian innovation

Integrating the best solutions for our customers, increasing our flexibility and enhancing Australia's innovation performance

Health, safety and environment
Enhancing staff safety and wellbeing and furthering our aspiration towards zero harm

Our people
Enabling and supporting the innovation capacity of our creative people and teams to take risk and deliver to customers

Enhancing our agility, financial sustainability and capacity to respond at the speed of business

The work we do:

Health & Biosecurity are working with our partners to assemble strong multidisciplinary research teams to tackle major national and international health and biosecurity challenges. In doing so we're protecting the health of our farming sector, environment, people, and our way of life. Over history, countless pandemics have impacted the lives of millions of people. This risk remains very real. Our scientists are providing the knowledge, tools and countermeasures to help control and mitigate outbreaks of emerging diseases and are working to underpin national security preparedness against pandemic and bioterrorist threats.

Our Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform is positioning Australia to play a role in one of the fastest growing areas of modern science so that we can understand global developments and, where appropriate, contribute to advances in areas including healthcare, industrial biotechnology, biosecurity, agriculture and food research.

Probing Biosystems are working with industry and academic partners on research leading to the provision of health and medical interventions that are timely, customised and highly specific. These projects are being developed within four research themes: Health Surveillance, In vitro Diagnostics, Model Systems and Precision Nanomedicine.

We work with biomedical companies to deliver new medical treatments and technologies that benefit millions of people in Australia and overseas, helping them live longer, healthier and more productive lives. Drawing on our expertise in drug discovery and development, we work with a range of biomedical companies to help treat and prevent diseases, benefiting millions of patients around the globe. Using our leading science and technical expertise, we're working closely with Australian biomedical companies on next generation therapies to help prevent and treat diseases.We're harnessing the unique biological properties of stem cells, to help develop new drugs and reagents for stem cell characterisation and stem cell-based therapies. We partner with Australian companies to develop new products and processes that are helping to transform healthcare around the globe.

Our national Australian Animal Health Laboratory facility is a vital part of Australia’s biosecurity infrastructure. We work closely with veterinary and human health agencies globally, as about 70 per cent of emerging infectious diseases in people originate in animals.. AAHL helps protect Australia’s multi-billion dollar livestock and aquaculture industries, and the general public, from emerging infectious disease threats. It is a high-containment facility designed to allow scientific research into the most dangerous infectious agents in the world.

We’re Australia’s leading digital research network, helping our partners across business, government and industry solve real problems every day. Our projects cover a wide range of data-centric R&D. From smartphone apps and robotics, to wearable technology and next gen wireless, we're providing innovative information technology solutions that are helping to secure Australia's digital future. CSIRO’s Data61, the digital innovation arm of Australia’s national science agency, has been recognised in a country case study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as a global blueprint for digital and open innovation.

Our research in aquaculture aims to boost the value, competitiveness and sustainability of Australia's aquaculture industry. Focused on farmed finfish, crustaceans and molluscs, our work improves aquaculture production through integrated studies of genetics, physiology, health, aquafeeds, environments and food science. More information on our capabilities and projects is available at: Aquaculture – Delivering Science Innovation and Impact

This is just a sample of the many areas of science which CSIRO works with industry and research partners globally to progress scientific impact to create better real world solutions for us all.

Come and see us at the Australia Pavilion and well be more than happy to talk science with you.