Company Overview
A global leader in providing risk reduction solutions, Bioquell's wide range of bio-decontamination systems and services help facilities establish a safe and productive working environment. With Bioquell's patented and EPA registered 35% Hydrogen peroxide Vapor technology, you can eliminate bioburden within lab spaces and rooms, manufacturing areas, equipment, pass-throughs, and more. Backed by numerous peer-reviewed studies and trusted around the world, the process is rapid, effective, and residue-free.

Our fixed and mobile Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor biodecontamination systems kill airborne and surface contaminants within your environment while our service options can be used at any time for projects of nearly any scale. Bioquell’s technology distributes hydrogen peroxide vapor on all exposed surfaces, providing a 6-log kill. We also provide uniquely designed, modular isolators integrated with Bioquell bio-decontamination technology.

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