Company Overview
Hospitex International is an innovative start-up based in Italy since 2015, developing and commercializing original solutions for the In Vitro Diagnostics market with a special focus on new technologies such as Liquid Based Cytology and Molecular Biology.
As a supplier of advanced, reliable and affordable diagnostic equipment, it has gained global recognition for its high quality laboratory solutions including instruments, reagents and consumables, suitable for human and veterinary medicine. A team of quality control managers monitor every step of the production process, ensuring accurate development and realization of the final product. Our company standards allow us to fulfill customer requirements by offering innovative technology, convenience, cost effectiveness and flexibility.
Our mission is to make diagnostics instruments that help to detect diseases.
Our strategy is to create value for all our stakeholders by accelerating the flow of innovative, new cutting-edge equipments and testing kits that provide improved outcomes for laboratories throughout the world.
Most of the products we sell today were discovered or developed by our own scientists and our success depends to great extent on our ability to continue to discover, develop and bring to market innovative new diagnostic equipments.
Our strategy for the medium term includes continued use of business development to help bolster revenues. We are intensely focused on Liquid Based Cytology and HPV virus. We believe that this family of viruses offers significant business potential as well as leveraging current existing capabilities. Hospitex is currently working with several other companies to jointly develop products for our proprietary platforms. We believe multi-lateral approaches are necessary, especially in R&D. We believe that ultimately, the overall value for all stakeholders is significantly increased when projects are managed together. Hospitex and its partners are focusing on synergies brought on by joint projects. As SMEs, we lack scale- we are directly addressing this shortcoming by amplifying and concentrating on areas where we all can benefit from.
Ultimately, the future of our company depends on bringing to laboratories innovative diagnostic solutions- both from our labs and outside of our walls- and thus driving long term growth. Indeed, we are confident of our growth potential represented by our product pipeline.

Our range of photometers and cell counters, along with accessories, solutions and consumables, meets the small and medium laboratory needs. Most of our products are open systems. Competition: Our diagnostics products compete with products manufactured by many other companies in highly competitive markets throughout the world. Important competitive factors include safety, effectiveness and ease of use; price and demonstrated cost-effectiveness; marketing effectiveness; and research and development of new products and processes. Most new products that we introduce must compete with other products already on the market or products that are later developed by competitors. Manufacturers of counterfeit, non- proprietary diagnostics equipment makers invest far less than we do in R&D and therefore can price their products much lower than our branded products. .
We believe our long-term competitive success depends upon discovering and developing either alone or in collaboration with others or acquiring innovative cost-effective diagnostic technologies that provide improved outcomes to users. IPR There are currrently under patent important technologies in the field of robotics, fluidics, mechanical and optical solutions applied.