Company Overview
Biomar Microbial Technologies is a biotechnological company with more than 20 years of experience in marine microbiology and natural products chemistry.

Biomar provides unique new leads and drug candidates for its partner`s challenging discovery programs in different key areas as human & animal health, agriculture, cosmetics and food.
BiomarĀ“s proprietary libraries of marine derived natural products are the largest and most diverse of their kind in the world, and a proven source of unprecedented new molecules.
Biomar combines the potential of the collections with the capabilities of the expert team in assay design, screening execution, active molecule isolation and identification and process development.

As a result of its partnerships and own developments, Biomar has 3 preclinical candidates discovered in oncology, 1 lead out-licensed to US Biotech Company, 3 biopesticides patented, 14 products on field trials and 1 anti-acne molecule in the market.