Company Overview
The Toscana Life Sciences (TLS) Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been active in the regional panorama since 2005 with the objective of supporting research activities in the Life Sciences and, in particular, of sustaining the development of projects from basic research to industrial application.
In particular, the Foundation was created to facilitate the company start-up process in the sector of life sciences and human health in general, to support research in the field of orphan diseases, and to manage activities of technology transfer in the biomedical field and the exploitation of research, also through national and international networking activities. To reach these objectives, TLS has created the bioincubator where it provides technological platforms, expertise and experience networks within the regional scientific community – starting from universities, research centers and private laboratories that work in the biomedical sector – offering their support in the industrial, scientific, and business development contexts. Toscana Region counts more than 350 life science companies with 8,6 billion overall turnover and 16.000 employees, thanks to this dynamic business environment TLS has attracted so far 150 million euro of investments, created more than 310 new jobs mostly in R&D and provides services and lab space to 42 among spin-off, start.up, mature companies and research groups.