Company Overview
Biotech and Pharma Research, Discoveries, Inventions and Innovations are happening at UH.

UH World-renowned scientists and research programs in tropical diseases, epidemiology, medicine, cancer research, and tropical agriculture, along with Hawai’i’s unique ethnic and geographic diversity, made many discoveries, inventions and innovations in pharma and biotech, such as:

Natural Product Stat 3 and NF kappaB Inhibitors that inhibit Cancer Growth;
Titanocene-Gold Derivatives as Chemotherapeutics for Renal Cancer;
anti-HMGB1 Antibody for Mesothelioma;
Mesothelioma Biomarker;
Neuroprotective Beta Amyloid Core Peptides and Peptidomimetic Derivatives to Treat Alzheimer's Disease;

Selective Inhibitors of GSK3-beta for CNS Disorders, Metabolic Disorders, Dental; Health and other Therapeutic Applications;
Method for Reducing or Preventing Immunogenic Response and other unwanted immunological reactions;
Ebola Vaccine that withstands high heat and targets Ebola, Sudan and Marburg viruses;
Zika Vaccine;
Robotic Needle with Ultrasound Tracking;
Smart Actuator for Locating and Positioning Medical Devices Inserted with Trancatheter Approaches;

Plants Expressing the Miraculin Protein;
Banana with Resistance to Banana Bunchy Top Virus;
Insect Control;
Monoclonal Antibody Cell Lines for the insecticide "Thiamethoxam";
Ultrasound Method for Transforming Algae;

UH is now ready and willing to do even more!