Company Overview
Venture Valuation provides product/asset as well as company valuations in the life sciences industry including biotechnology, medical technology, diagnostic, healthIT and pharma. The company’s valuations are used for fundraising/investment, M&A, fund valuations, licensing deals and fairness opinions. Furthermore, the company runs the business development database Biotechgate ( as a subscription service. The information is collected in a unique way in collaboration with our partners such as AusBiotech, BIO Deutschland, California Life Sciences Association, BIOTECanada, BIO Maryland, OBN, Swiss Biotech Association, SwedenBIO, Medicon Valley, HollandBIO, Biocat and many more. Venture Valuation has office in Switzerland (HQ), Ireland, UK, Singapore, India, USA and Canada.

Company Valuation:
The Company Valuation Reports include a thorough assessment of the company by experienced professionals with expertise in the relevant fields as well as the following elements: • summary of key risk parameters and strengths of the company • outline of the crucial factors and value drivers for growth and further strategic development • assessment of the management, market, science, technology and products • analysis of the company’s business model and the company’s competitive environment • detailed calculation of the company’s financial value, using appropriate valuation methods

Product Valuation:
Venture Valuation offers detailed Product Valuation Reports of pre-clinical and clinical products in development that can serve as a basis for negotiations or to structure different deal scenarios. The Product Valuation includes: • detailed analysis of development costs, time lines, patient population, competing products, pricing and product life cycle • industry gold standard rNPV valuation methodology based on indication-specific attrition rates and the development stage • scenario and sensitivity analyses • analysis of the current value, and forecasts of the future value following the successful completion of key development milestones As an “add on” module and based on Venture Valuation’s deal database within Biotechgate, benchmarking deals can also be included to provide the client with a differentiated negotiation basis and comparable information.

Biotechgate Database: (
Venture Valuation has developed and maintains the business development database Biotechgate ( Biotechgate is a global life sciences resource for business development and target identification established in 2004 based on the needs of investors and company managers to access accurate and up-to-date industry intelligence. The database contains over 20’000 licensing assets, 70’000 products, almost 500’000 clinical trials, over 50’000 company profiles and 200’000 management and contact details of decision makers. For Business Development managers, the database provides benchmarking licensing opportunities as well as detailed financial information covering more than 2’000 licensing deals (including actual downloadable contracts) involving therapeutic products and over 16’000 financing rounds. The database consists of: 1) Asset, Licensing Deal and Company Database and 2) Life Sciences Investors Database

HelloPartnering one2one software:
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