Company Overview
Nanobot Medical Animation Studio develops innovative digital graphics by marrying the art of creativity with the rigor of science.
We transform complex life science and medical product-related concepts into medically accurate, easy-to-understand, focused visual media. We work with you to determine critical priorities, content outline, creative brainstorming, terms, and fees to make sure you meet your goals within your budget.
Capabilities: Medical Animation, Scientific Medical Writing and Content Creation, MoD/MoA Animation, 4K Ultra High Resolution Rendering, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Content for MS Hololens, 360 Video, Interactive VR, Interactive, App design, Gesture Driven Applications, Mobile Game Experiences.
Our expertise covers multiple disciplines as
- Biology
- Oncology
- Biotechnology
- Immunology
- Medical Devices
- Genetics
- Anatomy
- Neuroscience
- Molecular Biology
- Cardiology