Company Overview
Xpress Biologics is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization specialized in the production of Biologics (recombinant proteins, antibody fragments and plasmid/viral vector DNA), for the therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic markets.

Our mission is to enable the transition of the projects from R&D to clinical manufacturing.

Both, the production scale (from 100 mg up to 50 g) and the quality of the biologics (R&D and GLP grade material) proposed by Xpress Biologics are adapted for in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical validation of the biologics (proof-of-concept, early safety, potency, efficacy…) and, in case of viral vector plasmid DNA, for the production of GMP grade viral vectors.

Moreover, Xpress Biologics processes are free of charge in terms of license or royalty fees and take into account the industrial (scale-up) and regulatory requirements, including the development of the quality controls, which greatly facilitates the transfer of the project to CMOs (Contract Manufacturing Organizations) for the production of GMP grade material.

Xpress Biologics acts as One-Stop-Shop and can, through project management with defined subcontractors, take in charge additional services as the production of GMP grade material.

The company offers the following services:
- project development, experimental design, risk analysis, consultancy,
- design and construction of microbial expression systems,
- development of fermentation and purification methods,
- development of analytical tools,
- production of biologics (several hundred mg to 50 g),
- process scale-up,
- process transfer to CMOs and management of GMP productions.