Company Overview
BioTillion provides RFID based solutions for tracking biological samples at ultra-low temperatures. We enable a cold chain-of-custody for these samples that can be monitored from anywhere.

Biorepositories strive to increase productivity and reduce energy costs while going to great lengths to minimize error rates, provide a cold chain of custody and prevent the collateral warming of “innocent” samples when looking for target samples.

The current state of the art for tracking sample vials in a box is 2D barcodes that can only be read via line-of-sight. Frost and ice must be cleaned off before reading which inevitably warms these samples causing degradation.

BioTillion’s BoxMapper II is a bench-top reader that provides a real-time map of the locations of each sample in a sample box. Because RFID is not affected by ice and frost there is no need to clean the box. A full box inventory is completed in about 2 seconds and updates as vials are removed and or added. Another mapper model, BoxMapper IIc, operates in a liquid nitrogen or dry ice environment such as a CryoCart, etc. This allows the samples to stay cold while being handled.

BioTillion’s ColdSIGHT system turns an existing freezer into a “smart” freezer that presents the user with an accurate real-time inventory and location of each sample box as well as the temperature at each box location. This is done without even opening the freezer. This alone can potentially save thousands of hours of labor per year per biorepository. Because each box location is updated in real-time an accurate inventory is continuously maintained. The user knows where a box actually is - not where it is supposed to be.

ColdSIGHT also dramatically reduces search times for samples (by up to 10 times) by efficiently guiding the user during sample retrieval, including alerting the user if they removed an incorrect box or sample. This technology also prevents sample loss due to misfiling and handling and can provide a record of who accessed which samples and when – so a chain of custody can be maintained.

ColdSIGHT and BoxMapper together provide down-to-the-vial sample tracking and can significantly reduce sample handling when performing inventories and audits. Fewer door openings translates into a) reduced sample warming – thus maintaining the integrity of the samples and b) significant savings in energy costs.

Finally, because the sample-box temperatures are also monitored in real time, ColdSIGHT provides freezer health analytics and reporting capabilities far beyond anything available today.

Current infrastructure can be retrofitted to accommodate our technology.