Company Overview
SDS Optic, based in Lublin, Poland, is a cutting-edge biotech company specializing in connecting vast medical knowledge with technical skills to create medical devices that can revolutionize healthcare worldwide.
Our vision is to help increase cancer survival by 30% by 2030 with smart cancer diagnostics and with breakthrough technologies in monitoring targeted cancer treatments.
Our strategy is to discover, develop, produce and commercialize on global scale unique diagnostics and monitoring tools working in real-time and in natural state, which support and save Lives.
We concentrate on helping the healthcare with faster, less painful diagnostics and supporting targeted, effective treatment procedures. We develop and create different diagnostics & monitoring solutions, incl. the ones used in cancer diagnostics and cancer treatment.
Our team consists of renown experts in biology, medicine, advanced technologies, chemistry and related sciences.
SDS Optic. Lifesaving Innovations

inPROBE, invented and developed by SDS Optic, is cancer diagnosis device designed to reduce time of medical diagnosis, increase precision and effects of advanced cancer treatments and most importantly – help medical professionals to save lives of millions of patients worldwide. It can be used both in cancer diagnostics and therapies monitoring in real-time and natural state (in vivo), thus giving the medical professionals tools and methods previously unavailable.
inPROBE. Smart Cancer Diagnostics