Company Overview
AARDEX Group is the world market leader in solutions to measure and manage medication adherence in research settings (1000+ clinical research studies), clinical trials (200+ phase II, III, IV drug trials), and professional healthcare systems (1.000.000+ patients monitored across 70+ countries).

AARDEX Group provides global solutions based on a combination of patented products:

• medAmigo® software Suite, an open software solution, integrating powerful visualization and analytical tools which processes dosing history data. A series of validated dashboards support HCPs to understand the habit of medication taking and feedback patients to enhance adherence.

• MEMS® packages, a set of reliable smart packages developed by AARDEX to timestamp, in real time, when patients take their medications in real life. The MEMS packages are wirelessly connected to the medAmigo software suite.

• MEMS®-compatible packages, a set of complementary smart packages and smart devices developped by selected partners. These packages/devices are selected based on an established quality chart and are fully compatible with the medAmigo Software Suite.

AARDEX Group’s vision is to continuously innovate in data-driven medication adherence feedback solutions to enhance digital therapeutics and patient empowerment.