Company Overview
Andaman7 is a patient driven mobile Personal Health Record and an intermediation platform to securely exchange health information with patients, caregivers and researchers. We offer next generation trial recruiting and ePRO services to collect data remotely for life science companies that need better patient outcomes and real world data for trials, market access, and disease management.

Discover why Andaman7 is a next generation Life Science data solution:
– EMR integration (mostly in the United States, also in other countries)
-- Integration of a full PHR: not only medical but also health data (activity, nutrition, wearables data, labs & hospitals data, ...)
– Integration of medical device and wearables data
– Advanced ePRO “questionnaires”
– Triple play: empowering patients - personalizing care - optimizing trials

In terms of market presence, Andaman7 is currently used in clinical studies such as an oncology ePRO study sponsored by EORTC, and a trial ready cohort recruiting project in Crohn's disease with a large pharmaceutical company.

Andaman7 has more than 20,000 registered patient users in 30 countries and 20 languages. We are finalizing integration with 50% of United States health system EMRs, covering 75% of the population.

In the European Commission sponsored ‘InteropEHRate’ project, Andaman7 is contributing to architecture specifications of a Smart-EHR and implementing innovative features and benefits in its mobile app and platform.