Company Overview
As one of the top Asia Pacific's most innovative universities as ranked by Reuters (and ranked 1st in Hong Kong for the 3rd successive years), the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is committed to knowledge transfer by fostering innovation partnerships to commercialize our research-derived technologies in the best way to benefit both industry and society.

Through extensive interdepartmental, multidispinary and international collaborative efforts, CUHK scientists and clinicians aim to deliver breakthrough medicines and technologies to make therapeutic, diagnostic, and clinical research leaps for patients of various diseases as listed below:

• (1) Therapeutics (GI / Liver Cancers / Immunotherapies; NASH; Diabetes; Infectious Diseases; Haematological / Urological / Neurological / Orthopaedical and Traumatical / Ophthalmological / Cardiovascular Disorders; Pluripotent Stem Cells / Regenerative Medicine; CRISPR-based Gene Therapy) - see

• (2) Diagnostics / Wearables (Digestive Cancers; NASH / NAFLD; Diabetes & Comorbidities; Cardiovascular / Orthopaedical and Traumatical / Ophthalmological Disorders) - see

• (3) Medical Robotics / Imaging (Surgical Robots; Endoscopes for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Diagnostics; MRI; Ultrasound) - see

• (4) Clinical Research - see info of our Phase 1 Clinical Trial Centre ( and Clinical Research Management Office (

To further empower these programs, CUHK is sincerely seeking for partnering opportunities in different format (e.g. Collaborative Research, Registry Development, Patent out-licensing, Clinical Trials, Venture Philanthropy / VC / Early-stage angel investment, etc). Do not hesitate to join our hands in promoting human health using our technologies and expertise, and drop by our booth #4309 at the Hong Kong Pavilion for more info!