Company Overview
Topadur Pharma AG:
Topadur Pharma AG, located in Zürich, was founded in March 2015 by experienced R&D experts. TOPADUR business is focused on discovery and early development of new drugs to stimulate local blood perfusion for several indications including wound healing, glaucoma, hair growth and skin aging. The key invention are new type of drugs, which work at the same time on two different targets. This dual mode translates into unique potencies which enable therapies for so far not treatable aspects of high medical need indications. The company has five drugs in preclinical development for diabetic foot ulcer, burn wounds, glaucoma, hair growth and medical cosmetics.

For TOP-N53, the leading development drug, first clinical studies in humans will begin June 2019. TOPADUR has raised so far 12 Mio. CHF from private investors and did win several innovation prices. Topadur is a mid size start-up company with 17 employees and has active collaborations with several international academic groups, which are leading in their speciality fields.

TOPADUR develops innovative drugs for wound healing focusing on specialty high revenue medication. The development candidates are extraordinary products with breakthrough potential to enable healing of chronic wounds in diabetic patients. Diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) is the main cause of hospitalizations in diabetes. DFU now afflicts about 50 million patients worldwide. In general, these patients are in need of intensive hospital-based treatments. Currently, annual DFU related healthcare expenditures amount to approximately CHF 12 billion. In spite of current therapies (wound dressings, plantar pressure redistribution with active surgical debridement (SoC), hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bioengineered skin substitutes, growth factors) several millions of foot amputations have to be performed every year. Therefore, there is a pressing and urgent need for innovative and improved treatments in DFU.
TOP-N53 is a cGMP increasing compound, developed and patented by TOPADUR Pharma AG. It addresses insufficient microcirculation as a major cause of diabetic foot ulcer (DFU). In fact, an improvement of microcirculation as expected from TOP-N53 should accelerate healing of chronic wounds in diabetic patients. Mechanistically TOP-N53 is designed to address endothelial dysfunction, present in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus (T2DM) where it largely accounts for disturbances in microcirculation that critically contribute to complications of diabetes such as DFU.
First in human trial will start mid 2019 at the university hospital Grenoble.

Reto Naef, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and president of the board of TOPADUR PHARMA AG. Holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the ETH and a MBA from the University of Zürich.
He has 30 years of pharmaceutical leadership experience in managing global groups of up to 450 scientists in research. Dr. Naef holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the ETH and an MBA from the University of Zurich. He is an expert in drug discovery and early development in immunology, allergy, cardiovascular and infectious diseases. He is an author of 13 patents and made key contributions to several drugs on the market, including Onbrez®, Foradil ®, Xolair ®. His main role within the project will be to oversee all the proposed activities and to manage the possible risks and opportunities may arise during the framed time.
In addition to the functions in TOPADUR PHARMA AG Dr. Naef serves as prime force consultants for Novartis Pharma AG, where he retired 2015. He also serves as life science expert to the SWISS government.